Why Joomla is a Good Choice for Business Websites ?

Joomla! is a leading Open Source Content Management System (CMS) platform. It is a well-tested, extensible and effective tool supported by a very active and friendly community of developers and users.

Once you get your Joomla website up and running, anyone within your organization with basic Word processing skills can update your website and keep your critical company data up-to-date and relevant.

Main Benifits of Joomla! are as follows :

• Active Support
Joomla is having one of the largest active open source community on the net.
Thousands of developers are supporting the platform and contributing new features every day.

• No licence costs
Joomla has no licence costs being an open source project.
Also the cost of a website based on Joomla is generally lower than a website built on a proprietary CMS.

• Joomla developers
Developers create veneration inspiring design of this CMS and makes sure that it stands a good visibility.

• Stable, reliable and flexible
Joomla is based on a solid framework with stable and reliable infrastructure built in its core.
And thanks to a huge library of free and flexible extensions Joomla has become the most powerful,
robust and extensible Content Management System available today.

• Web marketing
The basic advantage of Joomla is that it helps in creating web pages SEO. So the site is optimized at design time only. This suggests that a Joomla web design is effective in the long run and saves a lot of site optimization time and resource.Even eCommerce sites in Joomla are preferred over the rest of the technologies.


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