The Best Three Techniques to Uplift Your SEO in 2018

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Best 3 SEO Techniqes
An SEO strategy is touted to be effective when all tasks are geared to drastically improve website quality or a company’s web presence. With SEO evolving over time, expect 2018 to bask on new results.
Every business’ website needs a strategy of a UX overhaul or proper content to rank high on SERPs. The website’s SEO is highly important for the said company’s success. Hence it is essential to set goals for SEO and try to reach the top of the SERPs by implementing methods that work well in today’s business context.
It is also evident that one has to conduct SEO experiments to find the right approach for your website and business. Because every industry is different, SEO advice should be personalized to the domain and not as cookie cutter options. Experimenting is the way to go.

The Evolved SEO techniques for 2018:

With search engine algorithms changing on a periodic basis, SEO companies and experts have the hassle to keep updated on the relevant techniques and help businesses to land the front page results. By adhering to old techniques, sites might lose on website rankings. That’s why one should research on SEO tactics that work currently. Here are some techniques to uplift your SEO in 2018:

(A) Skyscraper Approach:

Most marketers think that “great content” is enough. But if you’re serious about high-quality links and their generation, you need to be systematic and need to promote your content consistently. Otherwise, just throwing a bunch of stuff does not work all the time.
“The Skyscraper Technique” for deriving Quality Links and Targeted Traffic relies on finding link-worthy content, make the site content better and reach out to intended prospects. A linkable asset is a major foundation of any content marketing campaign, implying the necessity of high-value pages that can be leveraged for links again and again. It is not link-bait content but the genuineness of content that is useful and relevant for any scenario. The next step is to elevate the content to the next level – by making it longer in terms of word count, spruce up the content and add social signals with cutting-edge content. Also, design the content piece with several links and social shares along with a minimalist design to make an impression. Add some depth to the listicle content and get the word out! Finally, one should reach out to the right people through email outreach, especially site owners who share similar content.
To attract the relevant people, use to export links pointing to the competitor’s content right into the spreadsheet. Weed out referring pages that do not make sense and then email them for a response and review.
With the Skyscraper technique, marketers already understand that their hard work is going to pay off.

(C) Keyword Matrix:

A keyword matrix helps in boosting rankings and the overall keyword spread. It matches user intent in all search queries against web site content, sending in positive feedback to Google about the page being relevant.
Keyword matrices are usually used for paid search, and also to create an influence that would help quantify opportunities. Keywords shape your content, and the structure of the content needs to support user’s intent, in attracting searchers to visit and navigate your site pages.
Building a keyword matrix involves thorough keyword research through a keyword mining tool and then export the same to CSV format, within 10,000 keywords.
The Google Keyword Planner can help in exporting the keywords to CSV. The keyword combiner can connect individual research files here. Tagging for search intent is useful as well as critical, based on their informational relevance, navigational identity, a commercial investigation with specific parameters, and transactional behavior.
Once all keywords are tagged for best and intent, add the content type and then choose keyword opportunities in terms of average bid price versus AdWords and PPC, and search volume versus real organic results.
Using a keyword matrix gives the ability to refer a set of data to drive the editorial calendar, the relevance of videos, along with other keyword optimization opportunities. You need to consider how keywords can shape your content, and how the content can support your user’s intent efficiently and seamlessly.
This year, try the Best SEO Techniques in a thoughtful way to get results you need for the benefit of your business. It is evident that most SEO tactics have evolved in the past year or so, and link building has become more complex than ever. Leveraging broken links and forming a keyword matrix are smart ways for marketers to leverage existing data to the optimum. Additionally, asking for referrals from influencers, webmasters and others could help a lot. Find out about the best tools in the business and the evolving ones that are under the radar but can do the trick for your business in more ways than one.

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