Best WordPress Plugins That Will Improve The Blog

This list will provide you with few best WordPress plugins available today. Various best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing has been kicked to the street.

W3 Total Cache
This is one of the best WordPress plugins for two reasons. First, it makes your pages load way faster. Second, since it stores static versions of your site, it requires much less CPU processing than using WordPress all by itself. This WordPress plugin is number one on the list for a reason.


Akismet is the anti-spam plugin developed by Automattic (the makers of WordPress) and is included by default with every WordPress installation. Akismet is more than adept at what it does – filtering spam comments and streamlining comment management – and stops more than 35 million spam comments every day.

SEO Smart Links
Do you inter-link your articles? You should. Linking within an article to other articles is a great way to build Page Rank throughout your site and it’s a great way to get readers to find your other articles on similar subjects. This plugin will interlink keywords to your other articles for you.

Broken Link Checker
This handy plugin will tell you which links on your site are broken – an automated problem spotter.

Google XML Sitemaps
Some might argue that the utility of sitemaps is fast diminishing in the post Caffeine world where Googlebot can crawl through and index new pages at an astonishingly quick pace. But that can’t change the fact that including a sitemap on your website is a good SEO and navigational practice, even if it only yields small returns. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is fast, easy to use, and light on system resources, making it perfect for generating rich sitemaps that facilitate crawling and indexing by search spiders.

Thank Me Later
This plugin is great. It sends an email to all first-time visitors. You can write up the email to remind them about your RSS feed or just to invite them to connect with you personally.


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