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Top 9 Shopify Apps for Social Media Marketing

Social media is playing a huge role in marketing activities along with SEO, branding strategies, and online lead conversion.

Each of the social media channels is crucial in marketing products on e-commerce sites like Shopify. A seamless social media strategy will go a long way in diverse marketing approaches and sales channel support.

Shopify has a huge number of apps, which assist in social media marketing and saves time and effort in the process in many ways.

We have curated the Top 9 Best Social Media Apps for Shopify:

social media shopify apps

1. Outfy
Pricing: 2.5 cents/ share

Outfy presents a fantastic way to boost the social reach of products, drive traffic & overall sales. The app helps product promotion 10+ social networks under a single canopy. One can schedule the posts for every day, month and year. It is a powerful, robust, and effective tool to automate social media marketing for your Shopify-based store.

2. Social Sharing Buttons 

Pricing: Free

Social Sharing Buttons developed by Zotabox connects multiple social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other sites. The Shopify app comes in multiple styles, sizes, and colours. These mobile-friendly buttons are part free and part premium. Social buttons, contact forms, popup, Facebook Live Chat, Promo Bar and Slide Box features are a free while after a 14-day free trial; the premium buttons include easy popup pro, email capture bar, countdown timer bar, testimonials, easy banner and store locator.

3. Shoppable Instagram Galleries
Pricing: Free

Shoppable Instagram allows shoppers to make purchases through Add to Cart option directly from Instagram. One can even embed shoppable Instagram galleries on different sites and includes multiple Instagram options for Shopify-based sites. Every small store owner would love its simplicity and ease of use along with enterprise-level attributes.

One can create galleries with hashtag and curate images with tags through the dashboard. Your best performing Instagram images derive best user attention with a Homepage carousel, Product gallery, tags, layouts and user-generated content too.

4. Auto Post by
Pricing: $9.00 posts Products on Social media channels on a regular basis for the products that you want to share on social media and even schedule it accordingly. The app also works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. The app imports products with the relevant pictures and descriptions. Just create definite “Posting Rules” to specify the actions of the app to post products on your social media channels and accounts. It also automatically detects new products on the Shopify Store.

5. Facebook Product Feed
Pricing: Free

The Facebook Product Feed automatically syncs your e-store with the Catalog and even generates Facebook ads for the products. The app works with the new Shopify Facebook Pixel Setting too, through Facebook Business Manager.

One can just sync the Shopify Store with the Facebook Product Catalog using a systematic, dynamic feed to populate products. One can promote multiple products on Facebook, on all the devices too. Also one can use a unique creative for each product without the need to configure each and every ad. Set up campaigns and reach people with the ads regardless the original touchpoint. Apply Google product categories and populate about 1000 products at a time in a single feed. The app also offers unlimited product promotions with feed pagination and auto-image resizing for the product images.

6. Twitter Feed
Pricing: Free

Twitter Feed displays all widgets individually or together with each other. The app provides custom design options including colours, backgrounds etc. to match with the store. This is a tool that helps in interaction with customers with promotional tweets for products, offers, etc. Adding a relevant Twitter Feed is beneficial to your business since it provides a clear channel of communication with users. The social channel includes the option to like, tweet, re-tweet, reply, etc.  The Twitter feed app is used to notify customers, direct traffic to the website and even used to garner feedback.

7. Facebook Store – Easy Social Shop
Pricing: Free

Facebook Store is one easy social shop that extends reach customers on social networks. The app helps organizations to drive sales through Facebook. One can let shoppers share products and their details on diverse social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The app allows Shopify users to convert their online store into a Facebook store and one can get selling their products on Facebook within 3 clicks. The store products will be updated on the Facebook store and one can customize as one wants it to be.

8. AddThis Sharing Tool
Pricing: Free

AddThis Sharing Tool is one efficient app that enables visitors to become marketers through their preferred social networks. One can measure activity on each of the sites in real time through the app and even aids in driving traffic and engagement to the storefront. One can share content to 300+ social network and bookmarking sites and is quite popular in among 12 million domains worldwide. The app also measures user engagement along with actions on social channels with an effective real-time analytics dashboard.

9. Instagram Feed
Pricing: $4.99/ month

Instagram Feed app showcases Instagram photos on the store and includes the auto-update system feature too. The app can show latest photos from your account on a real-time basis. The app helps Shopify users to connect to their audience with the store making Instagram shoppable. There is a slideshow gallery for the account, new templates, and is extremely customizable too.

Meteor Ahmedabad Meetup Event Banner

Zestard is co-sponsoring First Meteor Ahmedabad Meetup

Being a Meteor Partner, we are glad to co-sponsor the First Meteor Ahmedabad Meetup. #MeteorMeetupAhm is on Sunday, 31st Jan ’16 .

#MeteorMeetupAhm is supported by #ZestardTechnologies and #GDGAhmedabad

Check this link for more details and registration.​ Click on  ​ , RSVP and see you there.

We will give more details about the meetup and our participation soon in next blog post.

Click here, for more details on our Meteor Partnership, technology and past events we participated actively in.

Zestard Meteor partnership News

Zestard is now METEOR Partner

Glad to announce Zestard’s recent Association  – “We are now Meteor Partner” !

Zestard Technologies had plunged in to Full Stack Development with Meteor for two of our Esteemed Clients this year(2015). This has helped our customers for Faster, scale-able Application development and just after that we started digging more in to Meteor Technology and got our Development team trained for more Meteor App Development Work. We are happy that we are among those few developers from Gujarat,India , who work and represent for such a Fresh and successful technology.

This Strategic Partnership is providing another opportunity for all Zestard’s Meteor Application Development Team to lead to next level and we hope to help our clients more ad more, as we will now have Meteor Community support, encouragement and Code-base for Meteor APPs Development. Since, Meteor gives a radically simpler way to build real-time mobile and web apps, entirely in JavaScript from one code base, we are sure all our app development efforts, Customer stories and  case-studies will soon be shared on to Meteor’s.

Meteor is a cohesive and a complete open source development platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. Meteor is very flexible about how you structure the files in your app. Node.js and MongoDB usage in Meteor has led it to the next level of the communication layer where the real magic that binds the client and server together. Hence, we can use the same methods to access your database from the client or the server.

Being fully powered, yet the simplest, Meteor , as a “gateway drug” in the world of modern JavaScript development. It is an open source real time JavaScript web application framework written on top of Node.js (a mature, solid web server tool, that speaks JavaScript natively, a reason why it fits so nicely into the Meteor framework seamlessly). The open source nature of Meteor allows and encourages the ever growing community of developers to contribute to an already rich ecosystem. Among the many advantages of Meteor are that it allows for rapid prototyping which helps understand the nature of the development easily and also that it produces cross platform (web, Android, iOS) code. The goal of the Meteor initiative is to enable developers to build applications that are not only a delight to use but also the fastest that are out there in the open.

Below are the benefits of using Meteor:

  • Data on the wire – instead of the server sending HTML to the client, Meteor only sends the minimum data necessary to re-render the portion of the page that has changed. This enables building low-latency single-page applications that avoid whole-page refresh.
  • Cross Platform – It produces cross platform code(web, Android, iOS).
  • Easy to learn for beginners – It is one of the easiest one to learn for starters as they don’t have to learn multiple languages and they can begin development even without being an expert in JavaScript and keep learning along the way.
  • Latency compensation – on the client, Meteor pre-fetches data and simulates models to make it look like server method calls return instantly.
  • Full stack reactivity – all layers, from database to template, update themselves automatically when necessary.
  • Simplicity equals productivity – Due to the easy to learn nature of Meteor, it becomes easier for developers to start contributing to the project from the word go and also keep learning on the way.

Click here to know about benefit of using Meteor App Development Services at Zestard

Zestard ‘s Project Manager gave a talk on Meteor at GDGAhmedabad OSS Framework Event on 20th June 2015.

Here are some glimpse of a successful knowledge share activity encouraged by #ZestardTechnologies and supported by #GDGAhmedabad.

#GDGAhmedabad Event Page:

Presentation Slides:

Zestard Technologies MageCloud Partnership

Zestard is now Magecloud Partner

Glad to announce Zestard’s recent Association  – “We are now Magecloud Partner” !

Zestard Technologies, as a global software outsourcing company offering Magento Development, Theme Integration, Customization and Bespoke Extension Development services have joined hands with MageCloud this month. This Strategic Partnership is providing new opportunity for all Zestard’s Magento Extension users for ease in downloading our Free Magento extensions from the MageCloud website.

MageCloud is a 100% free Magento store builder from where store owners can launch their new Magento stores in as much as 10 minutes time. 100+ pre-selected Magento themes and 2,500+ Magento extensions are the main highlights of the features offered by this platform.  For more details about MageCloud Services:

Customers who are registered with MageCloud will take advantage through this partnership, as Magento extensions developed by Zestard Technologies Magento Team can  be downloaded easily from MageCloud soon. It will encourage the customers to draw maximum potential that the platform has to offer.

Zestard Technologies Free Magento Extensions are under open source license which means that the customer who uses the extension can modify the same as per the requirements on hand. We keep updating our Magento extensions to suit the latest Magento Versions/patches to cope up trends and demands of the Ecommerce.  Check out our Developer profile at Magento Connect.  Check out Zestard Technologies Magento products, featured in our extensions marketplace.

We are excited to yield ease of access to some of the Industry/Domain Specific Magento Extensions created by Zestard Technologies over Magecloud Platform very soon this year…

Zestard Technlogies October15 Luncheon Celebration at CityCornner

October Luncheon by TeamZestard

After a series of celebration in last few months, TeamZestard Planned for October’15 Luncheon at City Corner Restaurant, Ahmedabad.

Normally, all the Zestard Teammates try to be together in lunchtime in the office , but our work schedule or meetings doesn’t allow us to make it so properly that our Teammates had proposed Idea of Lunch Outing this time to indulge in to Lunch experience together Last Saturday on 3rd October.

Although we do not plan any outing or celebration with any professional intentions and we tend to go with the flow of celebration just like Friends and less like colleagues. Having lunch with colleagues is very important to build a good relationship with your team. It helps us at work and outside of work in a lot of ways.  It is essential for team building and relationship building for success. Yes, this Luncheon was one of those “Selfless Celebration” we enjoyed together.

As usual, planning and selection of a venue was fun and mission for some of the enthusiastic employees. They even brought a Lunch Menu card in advance to finalize from !  Everybody was happy, as the “LunchBreak” is going to be a break from Homepacked Lunch packs and office environment, In addition to that Fun and Masti were added Bonus to that.

Reminders for “No lunch packs tomorrow” were the funny highlights of the celebration. We shared the vehicles and reached to the place little late than the booked timings. Soon after our arrival there, we started playing 2-3 games at the Big Lunch table, but Soup and Starters Stole all the attention as all were hungry enough to rush to the food.  With an Incomplete “Our favorite-ABCD” Game’s Results , we completed our lunch with lots of laughter, teasing, jokes and photographs. Finally, we took some interesting Group Pictures and Selfies to give rest to our Appetite. Click here to view Zestard Technologies October Luncheon Photos.

No marks for guessing about what happened rest of the day after coming back from the Luncheon…!! well, Along with talks on food, fun and pictures sharing, we tried hard concentrating at work 😉 …  That’s why it’s rightly said. “Work Hard, Party Harder!”

Google Glass New Project AURA

Google Glass as Now New Project “AURA”

Google glass team is still building and improve the project in google. As per the recent news google glass is now the new project name as “Project AURA” and google recently hired the new engineers from amazon.

  • What is Project AURA?

Google is rumored to be reviving Google glass as Project Aura.Google Glass, now Aura, is a big and very fundamental platform for Google like the self-driving car.Aura is much more than a wearable gadget, it’s a technology platform for ubiquitous computing and Augmented Reality (AR).

Google is accelerating its efforts to develop wearable technology and reviving Google Glass as Project Aura. Google has hired 3 employee from Lab126 a hardware division of amazon will work with new group and Aura has a dedicated recruiter tasked with bringing in more talent.

Project Aura will remain within Google for the time being, rather than becoming a standalone company under the new Alphabet holding company.

Aura group will collaborate directly with other Google projects for next-generation interfaces, including the low-cost, entry-level Virtual Reality (VR) viewer Cardboard and Soli, next ‘real world gestures’ interface concepts.

With Project Aura, Google is aiming to revive its computer eyewear and building its next edition of Glass. It is also trying to go beyond Glass and create related wearable technology to broaden the scope of the product and compete more effectively with rivals.

Google glass displaying information streamed from a smartphone in a convenient hands-free way, responds to voice and gesture commands, snaps pictures and videos at the blink of an eye, and can be used as a light Augmented Reality (AR) headset to display street directions, navigation aids and annotations while the user walks.

The next generation of Google Glass is expected to be cheaper, and offer better battery life, improved sound, and a better display. It also bears noting that Google is reportedly considering adding a light to show when the outward-facing camera is recording, and it may also try to pair the technology that underpins Glass with more familiar types of eyewear.

Hopefully, the new Aura team could take the technology in new directions, May Project Aura be more beneficial for the upcoming era !!

Apple launched new gadgets by Zestard technologies

Apple launched New Gadgets

Apple has announced a flurry of new products at an event traditionally used to promote the company’s latest IPhone.

Yes, Apple held a special event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday where the company introduced brand new  iPhone 6s and 6s Plus boasting 3D touch and a 12Mp camera came a brand new Apple TV, the much-rumoured iPad Pro and new Apple Watch models.

So what was announced at event ? Let’s have a look..

  1. Apple started off with launching the Apple watch and Watch OS 2. Apple watch sport getting two new colours gold and rose gold, along with new sport straps and a new hand-stitched luxury leather strap from hermes. watch OS 2 is coming 16th september.

  1. Next was the brand new Ipad – The Ipad Pro

    This time Ipad pro comes with many features which are mentioned below,

  • 12.9- inch  Retina display is the beauty of largest Apple device has ever made.

  • 3rd-Generation 64 bit A9X chip with 1.8x the performance of the A8X, which Apple claims can produce “desktop-class performance”.

  • Four Speaker Audio

  • 10-hour battery

  • 8MP iSight Camera

  • 802.11ac with MIMO

  • Up to 150Mbps LTE

  • Touch Id and two killer accessories- The Apple Pencil & Apple Smart Keyboard.

3) After showcasing the IPad Pro now it’s turn to introduce the next generation Apple TV complete with a redesigned OS ( TV-OS ) and touch remote.

Next Generation Apple TV contains the new app store with games that can be played by the remote. as well as you can  integrate siri and  your IPhone or Ipad and use it any time.Watching Netflix and want to find out the weather? Just ask Siri and it’ll be displayed on the lower third of your screen, out of the way of the action. You can also ask “What did he say?” when watching a movie and Siri will rewind the clip 15 seconds and temporarily enable subtitles.

4) The last but not least, Came the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6-plus – it will available in  rose gold with new kind of  named “3D Touch” and Boasts 12 MP rear- facing camera with 4K video capabilities.

The introduction of 3D Touch gives users a totally new way to interact with their smartphone. It also includes Live Photos, photos that when force touched will play a short video clip and sound from when the photo was taken.

To know more about IPhone 6S and IPhone 6-Plus please visit the official website of Apple with specification

Google changed logo details by Zestard Technologies

Google changed the logo

As announced, Google will turn 17 this month, and they’ve already thrown a lot of surprises our way. Including announcing a new parent company Alphabet to the logo change, Google knows how to keep the market focused on itself.

Oh wait — you haven’t heard yet? Yes, Google changed their logo.

Indeed, Alphabet has taken its letters very seriously! and our Blog will definitely mention some of the interesting facts for the same 🙂

Those iconic, multi-colored six characters have to look good anywhere, everywhere—”even on the tiniest screen,” writes product management vice president Tamar Yehoshua and user experience director Bobby Nath on the corporate blog.

“G-o-o-g-l-e” can’t get old. And so, to stay current in the multi-screen age, the company has decided to introduce a brand new logo.

Google has created a logo that can read as well on a 2.5-inch Android Wear watch face as it does your 50-inch TV playing Chromecast. The update flattens out the letters into a sans-serif typeface which incidentally is Google’s creation and softens their color palette. For the search giant, it’s a more modern look—one that seems to take its cue from Alphabet’s own unfussy wordmark.

  • The Elements

   1412151184597388719.jpg        g-dots-360.gif             tgfgj-1024x1024.png

  Google Logotype                                Dots                                    Google G

  •  Google LogoType: A sans serif logotype  that retains our distinct multi-color sequence
  •  Dots : A dynamic distillation of the logotype for interactive, assistive, and transitional moments.
  • Google G : A compact version of the Google logo that works in small contexts.
  • Why The Change :

              tgfgj-1024x1024.png                                              google-new-logo-comparison.jpg-w=624

Until today’s redesign, Google stuck by its formula: two blue letters, two red and one yellow and one green, all in an entirely unobjectionable serif font.

So as a solution, Google introduced a “new logo and identity family” designed to work across multiple devices. Google shift to a flat sans serif in a slightly muted palette continues the vogue for neo-modern design in web services. It is an aesthetic perfectly suited to the current era.

  • Invents new typeface

The Google font is called “product sans”. So the new logo had been designed to be better looked at on every screen, because now a huge proportion of web browsing is done from phones, tablets and other mobile devices having small screens or resolutions.

  • Some Interesting facts about Google’s New Logo

I think these 9 interesting facts about the new Google logo:

  1. The new Google logo is the seventh Google logo and the sixth since its search engine opened to the public in 1998.

  1. This is the first time that Google announced a new logo with a doodle on the Google home pages around the world.

  1. The new Google logo combines “the mathematical purity of geometric forms with the childlike simplicity of schoolbook letter printing.”

  1. The new Google logo retains the rotated ‘e’ from the previous Google logo, as a reminder that Google will “always be a bit unconventional.”

  1. Previously mobile users on low bandwidth were shown a different version of the Google logo. With this new change, the logos displayed on low and high bandwidth connections will be uniform.

  1. The old Google logo image weighed ~14,000 bytes, while a special variant of Google’s full-color logo is only 305 bytes.

  1. Google “pushed the vibrancy of the red, green, and yellow to maintain saturation and pop” in its new logo.

  1. The latest revamp of the Google logo is the biggest since 1998. Previous logo changes haven’t been so strikingly different from its predecessor.

  1. The compact version of the Google logo, used to identify most of its apps, bids farewell to the little blue “g” icon and replaces it with a uppercase “G” coloured in blue, red, yellow and green to match the full logo.

As we can’t expect a day without using Google or Google Products, we need to wait and search on Google for more Google News  ;)…  Let’s see if this new Logo is a sign of some giant updates from the Search Giant on the way!!

Zestard Potluck Party 21stAugust2015

mmmmm… Potluck Party at Zestard

After a great success and fun filled months of June & July, we are celebrating August month as a month of Freedom and Month of Holidays. What can be a better than an Idea of “Potluck – Bring and Share at Zestard”? ; Series of holidays in the month, Lots of new Teammates Welcome Occasion and a sacred month of Shravan are some simple excuses to let us celebrate  “Potluck – Bring and Share at Zestard” on Friday, 21st August’15 .

We indeed worked out on Planning of Potluck like a Systematic Project. Where everybody filled in a Spreadsheet of “What to Bring” …It was fun discussing what should be brought and made by oneself for the whole week- it was more like a Fun-food week for us. Infact, at Zestard we believe, holding regularly scheduled Team-potluck meals is one strategy that you can use to enhance the sense of camaraderie and cooperation in your organization.  Click here to know more about our Potluck Party Menu, Interesting delicacies brought by Teammates and Party Photographs.

Although, it wasn’t a “Criteria/Goal Centric Event” at all for Zestard’s Management Team. But, while writing this article, I could easily notice some of the benefits of this event as a management person. Infact, we felt a new air on this Friday, as this Potluck helped us in following ways for Zestard’s Work Culture Development:

  • Social interaction : New members of Zestard Family got chance to actually jell up and interact with each other in a casual, relaxed setting where the focus isn’t on getting through a meeting agenda or completing a project. This means they’ll be able to get to know each other a little better while sharing a good meal, we are sure this will result in  something that can contribute to enhanced working relationships and teamwork ultimately.

  • Shared experiences : Shared experiences can go a long way toward building a strong organizational identity, becoming part of the overall culture and the stories people tell when discussing and reflecting on their experiences as employees.

    This can lead to enhanced cohesiveness.We still remember our HOUSIE  jokes and hard attempts of one of the teammates to win the game at the Zestard-Family-Picnic. I’m sure we will discuss experiences of Potluck party at our homes and together at office again and again…

  • Individual contributions : Some proposed to bring Biscuits and Maggie or even Bread and Butter at the initial plan-time. But, The Best part is , whether you are a good cook or not, everyone could participate, at whatever level each person is comfortable with. TeamMates who are passionate about cooking can share their recipes and receive praise for their great-tasting signature dishes. Those who aren’t cooking enthusiasts can still participate with beverages, purchased food items or quickly made convenience foods.

And above all, These kind of  staff get-to-gathers don’t cost money or time because the food is homemade and everyone takes a break for our regular lunch anyway 😉

We learnt that diversity of Food, Language, Religion, Taste and choices are so… so..easy to deal with at Zestard, you just need to have willingness to put all of them in one plate, try once and I’m sure you will remember each individual serving and finger licking experience for the lifetime…

I’m sure next time we plan Potluck… all our Zestard teammates will say… mmmmm…. Potluck Party?… Sure…

G is for Google Article Zestard Technologies

Meet New Alphabet, where G is for google

Today, if anyone exclaims this “The change is an effort to keep Google innovative”! The next Question on the biggest news for the day is :  “What is Alphabet ? ”  . And a well said answer to this is ” Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is Google,” as posted by Google co-founder Larry Page said in a blog post this afternoon.

All “Wh” Questions are answered here : 

As other big technology companies have gotten old, some have been felled by a desire to remain wed to their traditional core businesses. With its new structure as Alphabet, Google can give operating divisions more leeway in making their own decisions and keep the businesses more nimble.

Wit this, Larry  Page will be the CEO of Alphabet with his co-founder Sergey Brin as President and  will oversee the business operations for Google Inc.

Till now, India-Born Sundar Pichai, 43, was, as Senior Vice President, Products, looking after product and engineering for Google’s Internet businesses.  Since he adept at understanding Larry Page’s vision and translating it into practical business decisions and getting different parts of Google’s often fractious organization to work together. To be noticed, he made it successful for Google Chrome and later on ‘d been  in charge of Gmail and then Android. and is now declared as  CEO of Google.

Also, Google’s current business chief, Omid Kordestani, will end that role and become an adviser to Alphabet and Google. Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Google, will remain in that position and will also be chief financial officer for Alphabet.

Google said each Alphabet subsidiary would have its own CEO, reporting to Mr. Page, a structure similar to Warren Buffett’sBerkshire Hathaway Inc.  Having provided more management scale ,they can now run things independently that aren’t very related. Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.

According to the alleged sources,
Businesses that will stay a part of Google:

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • YouTube
  • Android

Businesses spinning off from Google to become separate companies under Alphabet:

  • Calico ( biotech research)
  • Nest (maker of the Nest Thermostat and other smart home products products)
  • Fiber (high-speed Internet service)
  • Ventures and Capital (early and growth-stage investing)
  • X lab (“moonshot” research incubator that includes projects such as self-driving cars and delivery drones)

As avid users of Google Products, you might be wondering ”How will it affect users?”.  Well, In the short run, it won’t affect us at all. Most of the popular Google products we probably use every day will stay under the Google umbrella and will continue to operate the way they always have.

As we can’t expect a day without using Google or Google Products, we need to wait and search on Google for more Google New  ;)…  Let’s see if this new Alphabet structure can build up some new Jargons for users like us!