Google Analytics updates July 2012

In July we’ve seen several changes notified via the Google Analytics blog that it’s worth being aware of if your company uses Google Analytics. Some are just name changes, others are more significant.

  • Google Website Optimizer now integrated as Content Experiments

Google Website Optimizer was originally a separate tool which meant that hacks were needed to link the results of test to Google Analytics.
Tests can now be integrated and results presented in reports familiar to Google Analytics users:



  • Visitor flow visualization

Not so new, but a reminder about this great new feature of showing customer journeys fits with the newer features.All flow visualization reports are built using nodes. Nodes are groups of pages. The cool thing is that the nodes are automatically created using an intelligence algorithm. Learn more 



  • Use your web insights to power remarketing and win more customers

Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you tap into rich insights about your website visitors who show an interest in your products and services and then show them targeted ads across the Google Display Network that respond directly to their preferences. It’s an effective tool to turn your visitors into customers.


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