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Importance and Need of CRM tools for your Business-1

Importance and Need of CRM tools for your Business

CRM Tools are one of the most necessary software tools to companies which are constantly under pressure of dynamicity and ever changing business environment, where the root cause of this is customer’s needs and requirements and to deal with these critical situations CRM tools tends to be very useful.

Now-a-days many new products enters market every day, businesses in all industries face greater cut-throat competition than ever before. With the marketplace changing at a greater pace a business cannot be at an advantage for too long by just offering a service or a product similar to competitors. A  Product and service offerings are becoming more and more similar with chunks of companies targeting the same customer base. With ample of options to choose from, customers are increasingly fickle and prone to churn. Not only do they scrutinize products and services before spending on them; with the advent of social media they are more capable now to influence the purchasing decision of others as well.

CRM is the name for any system or model used to manage a company’s interactions with its current or future clients or customers. This system is a piece of technology used to organise, automate and synchronise entire customer facing areas within your company: from marketing to sales to customer service to technical support.

It gives you the time to develop other areas of your business, whilst giving you the reassurance that you’re not letting your existing clients down or responding to new enquiries in an efficient manner.

To successfully implement CRM we need to evaluate and formulate a strategy to go with CRM:

A CRM strategy look at all the aspects of the business processes in all the time frames of organizations lifespan and also with the systems that deal with customers, and other functional units under organization like:  Marketing, Sales, Ordering, Customer care, Technical support and Business intelligence/customer analytics. In addition, it should also span all interaction channels, including call centre, retail/branch/outlets, web and mobile self service and sales and service partners. The CRM strategy needs to optimise all of the assisted and unassisted processes and ensure all channels are using the optimised processes consistently.

As with any strategy, it is critical that you should recognise what your key objectives are going to be, both in the short-term and the long-term.

A successful CRM system is not simply a case of going out and buying magic software that will transform your business fortune. The key to it is, knowing what you want to achieve and understanding your customers before you even think about CRM Tool. It takes good planning, starting with clear and achievable goals and deciding, where you want the business to go? And therefore landing on the best CRM tool required for your business!!

Below listed are some of the best CRM tools available in market:

  • Salesforce
  • InfusionSoft
  • Stage CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • SugarCRM
  • Workbooks CRM
  • Base CRM

CRM is important for a business because of the following:

1.       CRM helps in identifying and targeting the customers, generating sales, implementing marketing strategies with clear goals in mind.

2.       CRM helps in building relationship with customers and providing customer support services in the best interest of the customers along with increasing the profitability of the business.

3.       CRM provides with the latest information about the needs and requirements of the customers according to the latest market trends and thus building long lasting relationship between customers and the business.

4.       CRM helps in keeping the details in a centralised form which reduces the process time and thus increasing productivity.

5.       CRM helps in enhancing the net growth of the business by providing customer satisfaction and increasing their loyalty for the business.

6.       CRM can be implemented in a very cost effective manner. It reduces the need of paper and staff. The technology used cheap and thus lot of cost is saved.

 So for today’s dynamic business environment dealing with existing customers along with targeting new ones, CRM becomes the need. Hence in this era of business every organization should be recommended to have a full-fledged CRM system to cope up with all the business needs.