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Black Hat SEO technic Zestard Technologies

Black Hat SEO – with great POWER comes great RESPONSIBILITY

There are always two routes to reach your goal ( be it life’s goal or your Website’s Marketing Goal ), one , being longer, the difficult route but definitely the righteous one, while the other being the shorter, the easier route but also the unethical one. The unethical one would take you to the goal, but the consequent success is short lived whereas the righteous path, even though takes time and is tough, but those who tread it enjoy the fruits of long lived success.

The above may seem to you like a phrase from a spiritual book, but the same analogy is followed when talking about the two types of SEO techniques, namely, Black Hat SEO and the White Hat SEO techniques. The Black Hat SEO techniques offer the shorter, the easier path to a short lived success whereas the White Hat SEO techniques although take time but do pay off in the long run and offer long standing success.

Let us delve a little deeper into the life of Black Hat SEO, the evil twin of the two ,and understand why it seems lucrative to a few while others try and maintain a safe distance from it while dealing with Search Engine Optimization.

Black hat SEO by definition “is a practice that increases a page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engines’ terms of service”. It basically refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques & tactics that focus only on search engine results and not the human audience and in the process don’t pay heed to the search engine guidelines. It is also referred to as unethical SEO or spamdexing. The term can be used to describe unethical techniques used by hackers & virus creators. Such techniques can be used by individuals who are looking for short term benefits such as increase in website traffic for a brief period rather than a long term return plan as the use of Black Hat SEO techniques may ultimately lead to your website getting banned, but since the users are interested in only short lived success, such risks are irrelevant to them.

But, how does one realise, that they are treading into restricted territory. The easier way is to ask oneself if their SEO techniques would add value to the user or just increase your page’s rank. If the latter one is your reply, then your technique is more likely to fall under the category of Black Hat SEO techniques. Also there is a list of tactics & techniques, employed by Black Hat SEO practitioners, has been released and openly denounced by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. A few of them are as follows

  • Content Automation
  • Doorway pages
  • Hidden Text or links
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Cloaking

At the end of the day Black Hat SEO is like a sharp knife. It allows you to cut a loaf of delicious bread but it also gives you the power to kill someone. The decision is yours.

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SEO Tips To Increase Google Ranking Zestard Technologies

SEO Tips to Increase your Search Ranking (“Dos” and “Don’ts”)

  • Still wondering why your website featuring your niche product/services isn’t anywhere near the top search results in search engines?
  • Haven’t you yet Social Media Marketing started ? for your website?
  • Haven’t you heard about a term- PPC (Pay Per Click) ?

Well, then most probably you haven’t heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and if you have it already, then you aren’t doing it right way. So, here are our SEO Tips to Increase your Google Ranking  in the form of  Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

Do s  of SEO:

  • Have URL’s that are short, descriptive and help in categorizing the website:
    URL’s are the first thing that search engine’s use to rank a page, thus, it’s very important that your page’s URL is short, descriptive and most importantly easy to crawl for the search engines and also categorize it.
  • Optimize the website around a keyword or a topic:
    It’s necessary that you design your page keeping the human audiences in mind and not only the search engines, hence, your entire webpage should have a central idea about which the whole story (website) is built. It’s fine to have keywords in important on-page elements but stuffing them everywhere just for the sake of having them isn’t healthy for your page’s rank.
  •  Optimize page titles and descriptions:
    Titles and descriptions are important as they are the ones that help the user decide whether or not the website would be of use to him hence it’s of utmost importance to have titles and descriptions stuffed with keywords so that it becomes easy for the search engine to categorize your page accordingly.
  • Increase the website’s loading speed:
    This is the latest to join in the long list of Google’s rank determining criteria. More often than not users tend to skip a website that takes eternity to load and thus following similar tones Google has started to consider a webpage’s load time also while ranking it.
  • Use of HTTPS rather than HTTP:
    If you are not aware of the difference, then don’t feel ashamed, you are one among the millions out there who are unaware of this new trend for having secure websites. HTTPS offers a more secure gateway to a website as compared to HTTP and this is becoming an important criterion for Google to rank pages. So now that you know about it, it would be a good choice to opt for it too.
  • Mobile Friendly Responsive Design:
    As more and more people move from desktops/ laptops to mobile devices namely tablets and mobile phones, it’s becoming all the more important to have a responsive website that aligns itself to the media it’s being opened on. Keeping this in mind search engines have also started to use this as a criterion to determine the rank of a page.
  • Creative Content always helps:
    Having quality content not only lets your website stand out from the competition but it also helps in getting natural in bound links from other sites that share your content and it’s no secret that inbound links are a kind of a prerequisite for a good page rank.
  •  Always have Images with alt Text:
    Search Engine crawlers can’t read images or graphics hence it’s important to keywords stuffed in image as alt text so they can be mapped and can be shown under search result when somebody is searching related to alt tag value.

Don’t s  of SEO:

  •  Minimal home page content:
    Another mistake that most website owners is having least amount of content on their homepage, thinking that having visually exciting elements with links to the site’s content would make the web site look good. Sure it does but it also drastically reduces your chances making it to the top of the search results
  • Use of spamming keyword or links to spamming websites:
    Your page rank would not improve unless and until its content provides value to the user who ends up visiting it and having spamming keywords or links to websites that spam the user definitely don’t help.
  • Forget about local optimization:
    Google expects your web site to have citations of the city/state your company is based in. Thus having tons of keywords would not help your site unless its having the least number of local optimization.
  • Over optimization:
    Excess of everything is bad, hold true in the case of optimization, as too little of it would restrain your page from appearing in the top searches and too much of it and your page would end being penalized by Google.
  • Using more of outgoing links:
    Sometimes one needs to give links to other sources as a part of references to an article, but, what is important that these links are ‘nofollow’ and not ‘dofollow’.
  • Use of repetitive description/ image alt text across web pages:
    Using the same description or the same image alt text across all your web pages is termed as Spamming in Google’s vocabulary and that spells disaster for your web site.
  • High keyword density:
    Having a keyword density is important but only till a certain limit of 2-3 %, and anything above 5% will spell doom for page’s rank in no time.
  • Use of low quality / copied content on the website:
    Search engines have never been a fan of low quality or copied content. As is rightly said, it’s better to write 1 quality article rather than 10-12 low quality or copied articles.

So, just go ahead and employ the above SEO Techniques (or don’t apply the DON’TS) and enjoy the feeling of being at the top of every search engine and to read more details Click at Zestard Technologies SEO Services .