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GESIA Member

GESIA - Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association GESIA is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the Gujarat IT-ITES industry with over 400+ member companies.

GESIA is the only State Level Association for Electronics, Software, IT, ITES, BPO/KPO/LPO, Telecom/ISP, Networking and IT Education RECOGNIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT.

It is an honor for Zestard Technologies to get its membership as it depends on maintaining quality in all IT-related services.

Zestard is hopefull for progressive tie-ups with various Trade Bodies of different countries to augment business opportunities in those respective countries by Joining such an Vibrant ICT Industry Association of Gujarat.

Shopify Expert

Shopify Expert
Zestard is an official Shopify Expert for Shopify technological solutions. Being so, we have in-depth knowledge of the Shopify Hosted Solution for eCommerce. In addition, we have faster access to the latest tools in all Ecommerce Migration and Development technics.

Shopify Partnership also ensures our clients for our strong hold on integration, marketing, design and development of various solutions based on Shopify.

Our Shopify experts are well versed for Shopify Webstores Design and Development. Infact, we work to make your e-commerce store journey a quick launch and a worthwhile experience. Let our experts help you develop an e-commerce store in Shopify. let us help you achieve your ultimate goalfor your online hosted Ecommerce solution with Shopify.

Magento-Magecloud Partner

Zestard Technologies Magento-MageCloud Partnership
Zestard Technologies, as a global software outsourcing company offering Magento Development, Theme Integration, Customization and Bespoke Extension Development services have joined hands with MageCloud this month. This Strategic Partnership is providing new opportunity for all Zestard’s Magento Extension users for ease in downloading our Free Magento extensions from the MageCloud website.

MageCloud is a 100% free Magento store builder from where store owners can launch their new Magento stores in as much as 10 minutes time. 100+ pre-selected Magento themes and 2,500+ Magento extensions are the main highlights of the features offered by this platform. For more details about MageCloud Services:

Customers who are registered with MageCloud will take advantage through this partnership, as Magento extensions developed by Zestard Technologies Magento Team can be downloaded easily from MageCloud soon. It will encourage the customers to draw maximum potential that the platform has to offer.

To know more on Zestard's Magecloud Partnership Benefits, Click here

Check out our Developer profile at Magento Connect. Check out our Magento products, featured in Magecloud Extensions Marketplace.

Meteor Partner

Zestard Technologies Meteor Partnership
Zestard Technologies had plunged in to Full Stack Development with Meteor for two of our Esteemed Clients This year(2015). This has helped our customers for Faster, scalable Application development and just after that we started digging more in to Meteor Technology and got our Development team trained for more Meteor App Work.We are happy that we are among those few developers from Gujarat,India , who work and represent for such a Fresh and successful technology!

This Strategic Partnership is providing another opportunity for all Zestard’s Meteor Application Development Team to lead to next level and we hope to help our clients more, as we will now have Meteor Community support, encouragement and Code-base for Meteor APPs Development, as Meteor gives a radically simpler way to build real-time mobile and web apps, entirely in JavaScript from one code base.

Meteor is a cohesive and a complete open source development platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. Meteor is very flexible about how you structure the files in your app. Node.js and MongoDB usage in Meteor has led it to the next level of the communication layer where the real magic that binds the client and server together. Hence, we can use the same methods to access your database from the client or the server.

We also delivered talk on GDGAhmedabad Event in June'2015 and we are proud to announce that we are now Official Partner of Meteor. To know about what is Meteor, please Check our Presentation Slides

BigCommerce Partner

Zestard Technologies BigCommerce Partnership
Zestard Technologies is a Global Software outsourcing company in India. We are a strong team of PHP enthusiast and skilled Developers for BigCommerce. We aim to provide you qualitative, timely and cost-effective technical solutions in almost all CMS, E-commerce Frameworks and Work-areas. Our team of experts, with years of experience at developing ecommerce websites, would leave no stones unturned in their bid to provide you with the following benefits: 1> BigCommerce Shopping Cart Development 2> Theme Integration for BigCommerce 3> BigCommerce Theme Customization 4> Application Development 5> Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for BigCommerce Store.