Graphic Design

Graphic Design

"Having a beautiful website will mesmerize your visitors, while an easy access to information drives up your conversion rates."

We make sure that every design we produce is usable without undermining it’s attractiveness, along with a focus on easy-to-use, intuitive designs. By using design as a catalyst, we can focus on specific business goals and improve your organization’s performance online.

Graphic design can lift any text, picture or video presentation to an art form. Today, the businesses around the world have recognized the importance of deploying a well-designed communication media.And we at Zestard bring this service to you.

Graphic Design Packages & Iterations

Based on the colors, backgrounds, mediums, shapes, size, curves and figure/elements preferences we provide you the following options and iterations:

  • 3 Different concepts options for each design-deliverable
  • 4 iteration for a chosen deliverable /pattern
  • Minor Changes in final design
  • Proper PSD generation to deliver
  • 4 required sizes and alternate color/background images to deliver

Why Zestard?

Zestard Technologies uses its creative insights and tools for graphic designing to provide you the following benefits:

  • Creative genius approach gained by vast experience
  • Different design packages
  • Constructive feedback and amendments approach
  • Highly reasonable and full value of money being realised
  • Guidelines and support for Graphic design and resizing or resolutions