Logo Design

Logo Design

"Logo is the first face of client or company's identity." Our Design team at Zestard is aware that a Logo is an essential element of your corporate identity and it helps you convey your business message effectively to your audience. That is why we give highest importance to our every logo design project; because we know that your success depends on our perfection.

Hence, we follow these steps while designing a Logo :
Know the Client & targeted Audience
As the client plays the most important role in the logo creation, primarily to exude their values and what they believe in. We begin by researching our client by asking detailed questions, learning as much as possible about what they want to deliver through their brand. These elements—that is, their culture, values, and who they are—need to be employed in the logo design itself.

Logo is considered as the main branding element of what the company portrays. Once we are familiar with our client’s audience we’ll have more ideas to morph into their logo. For instance, a real estate company, music streaming business or a County/town website will all have very different audiences, along with different elements they want to bring to their customers and visitors.

Know the Competitor
Logo shouldn't be influenced by the competitor, but of course it should stand out apparently among all those competitors, this is the reason why we ask our client what they know, then do our own research to round it out. We check for who is already out there in the market for our client and what they are doing, and adhere to set our own ideas apart.

Know its Use
We confirm utility of the logo we design For example,A logo can be used in websites Bilboards, Newsletters, Packaging Material, food trucks-banners/wraps and can also be broadcasted.. Based on that, we find the color and size/curves element for the logo. We also check if a logo is to be utilized in different color schemes, or black and white might be preferable for those who often need to photocopy important documents.

Know What to Add
Refining the logo for the company is likely the longest step unless we have clear idea and instructions on preferences on what to add or what not to. We provide number of iterations in terms of shape , curves or color options..

Know How to Market
Our designers also suggests on what they could add or how they can change it with simple adaptations to make a brand that will last in any situation. For example, a large logo on a Apparel Store may work well to attract customers, but a smaller version without many frills and just the name of the business may be best for clothing tag or even the newsletter/envelope. The website might require a version in the shape of a square, while a billboard might have room for a lot of additional ornamentation.

Logo Design Portfolio

Logo Design Packages & Iterations

Based on the colors, shapes, size, curves and figure/elements preferences we provide following options and iterations:

  • 3 Different concepts options for a logo
  • 5 iteration for a chosen logo
  • Minor Changes in final design
  • Proper PSD generation to deliver
  • 4 required sizes and alternate color logo images to deliver

Why Zestard?

Zestard Technologies creates unique logos customized according to your needs and made in a way that every logo looks attractive and significant when compared with others. Some more benefitsof our logo designing services are :

  • Creative genius approach gained by vast experience
  • Different design packages
  • Constructive feedback and amendments approach
  • Highly reasonable and value of money being realised
  • Guidelines and support for Business-logo Presentations