Web Enablement Of legacy Applications

Web Applications

Web Enablement Of legacy Applications

Legacy Applications Development: Zestard is IBM's strategic product for web integration. With Zestard we can create a new customized web/html interface for legacy application. Through web-enablement the legacy applications are more user-friendly with better navigation and custom look and feel of common web interfaces. Once the application is transformed the users can use any web browser client to access the application.

Web legacy Applications Benefits

Supported by a large community of Web legacy Applications developers and designers, using Web legacy Applications can give you following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customization
  • PHP technology base
  • Extensible
  • User-friendliness

What We Offer?

Zestard Technologies is an excellent choice for Web legacy Applications development as we can develop everything from personal home pages to corporate websites using latest web development technology. Below mentioned are our services:

  • Customized templates
  • Customization of JSP pages
  • Custom Component Development
  • Use of macros for better navigation
  • Use of integration objects in order to make reusable components