Ajax Development Services

AJAX Web Development

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous web applications. With Ajax, web applications can send data to, and retrieve data from, a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. Data can be retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest object. AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages.

AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. Yes, Google (Google Maps), Yahoo (Flickr), Amazon (A9 Search),Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook tabs have been using it, and you too can leverage on the potential of AJAX by using Zestard's Ajax developers.

Ajax Development Benefits

AJAX is a combination of several existing technologies in a new way, using ajax can give you the following benefits:

  • Response time is faster
  • Data filtering and rearranging
  • No installation, just an AJAX enabled browser is required
  • Rapid user-user communication
  • Helps in Form value check
  • Server-side pushes
  • Better interactivity,Easier navigation,Compact
  • Minimal data transfer
  • Limited processing on the server
  • Responsiveness

What We Offer?

Zestard Technologies is a collection of technologies that allows a rich user experience to web users. Here are our services for AJAX Development:

  • Ajax Web Application Development
  • Small corporate or Personal web site content loaders
  • e-commerce website or E-Catalogue Solutions
  • Online Booking or Reservation System
  • Lazy Content Loader
  • Fetching XML and JSON data for data exchange
  • Web services and API calls
  • Auto population of data or fields in form
  • Search and selection Auto populate boxes using AJAX