Microsoft .NET Technologies Services

.NET Development

Microsoft.Net framework is a software framework originally developed by Microsoft, and that runs on the Microsoft's Windows. The framework is characterized by a large library. One of the striking features of the .NET framework technology is language interoperability across several programming languages, which essentially means that each programming language used in the framework can easily use another supported language's code.

Microsoft Dot Net technologies are used for creating an ever-increasing number of web based programming due to its versatility and flexibility in creating a stable application development platform. Microsoft.NET framework supported programs run on a software environment, which is essentially a virtual application machine, known as Common Language Runtime. This provides important services such as exception handling, security and memory management.

Microsoft .Net Benefits

Microsoft.NET technology is one of the most modern technologies used in modern web development. Using Microsoft.NET technology can give you the following benefits:

  • Execution speed is faster
  • Used to suit Any Language
  • Scalability and Security
  • Cross platform: service-oriented Architecture
  • Simplifies various data formats and access them over the same protocol making the system and resources cost effective in operation
  • Provides a high degree of crash protection and can automatically recover and make the applications and web pages available always
  • Language independent
  • Fully integrated IDE available

What We Offer?

Zestard offers you below mentioned comprehensive Microsoft.NET technology services:

  • Website Development services
  • Development of web services based .NET applications
  • Management and execution of .NET projects
  • Interfacing legacy applications with .NET applications
  • Enterprise Solutions Development services
  • Reengineering of existing applications
  • Migration methodologies from one script to another
  • Top-level enterprise solution architecture design