24 Best Magento 1 & 2 Websites For Inspiration

Anuj Dalal

Anuj Dalal

June 25, 2020
24 Best Magento 1 & 2 Websites For Inspiration

Over 250,000 global merchants use Magento as their preferred e-commerce website, and demand for Magento development has been on a steady rise.

Its popularity can be attributed to high customization, host-independence, responsive mobile design, seamless integration, and high-end security offered by Magento. Most importantly, the open-source platform enjoys extensive support from an active community of programmers and developers.

Here is a list of the best Magento websites to get you inspired and to set the gears in motion!

Best Magento Fashion Sites

  • Christian Louboutin [Magento 1]

Christian Louboutin

The iconic Christian Louboutin shoes have been a fashion statement for decades, and their websites using open-source Magento 1 reflect the same. It sports a neat and tidy interface with the products being the prime focus. Visitors can effortlessly browse through the catalog of shoes, bags, cosmetics, and accessories due to the highly responsive design.

  • Barbour [Magento 1]


Amongst the many Magento 2 websites, Barbour stands out for its unique blend of design aesthetics and functionality. The soft color scheme manages to grab your eye, while the site offers a fast and pared-back browsing experience. The international brand continues to bank on its family-run legacy continuing since 1894!

  • Paul Smith [Magento 2]

Paul Smith

Paul Smith features in-house developed Magento websites that are textbook examples of developing websites using Magento. Visitors can shop an entire look by navigating to the ‘Model Wears’ section of the website. The speedy checkout makes the experience even more enjoyable for those looking for some quick retail therapy.

  • Missguided [Magento 1]


The woman-centric UK brand, Missguided, aims to empower females worldwide and boost their confidence in themselves. A quick look at their website, with its vibrant colors and impressive catalog, indicates that the organization means business. The company owns six other sister sites, which are all Magento websites.

  • Kurt Geiger [Magento 1]

Kurt Geiger

UK brand Kurt Geiger allows you to put your best foot forward. Kurt Geiger is one of the classic Magento website examples that offer seamless compatibility across regions, languages, and currencies. The robust search functionality, along with the layered navigation, makes it one of the most user-friendly Magento websites.

Best Magento Sport Sites

  • O’Neills [Magento 2]


Operating on the Magento 2 platforms since 2018, O’Neills is a leading sportswear company in Ireland. The website offers a plethora of sportswear and sporting accessory options, which is paired with quick filtering capacities. Kit Personalization is one of the most impressive features of the Magento online store. The dynamic search and ‘Quick Add’ functionalities are icing on the cake.

  • Liverpool [Magento 2]


Liverpool FC makes use of Magento e-commerce sites to sell their line of clothing wear. The website is frequented by die-hard Liverpool fans, making it one of the most high-traffic websites using Magento. However, the store also does an excellent job of attracting other sports enthusiasts through its unique product-centric storytelling strategy and user-generated content.

  • Helly Hansen [Magento 2]

Helly Hansen

The Norwegian brand Helly Hansen offers an array of sportswear and gear for those interested in extreme sports. It also caters to customers looking for comfortable yet utilitarian workwear.

The HH Magento platforms host more than 30 online stores with nearly 35,000 products each! Even though the services may vary depending on the store, all the Magento websites bear uniformity in design and functionality.

  • Björn Borg [Magento 2]

Björn Borg

This Magento online store pays homage to the Swedish tennis player, Björn Borg. The playful, in-action product photography is one of the main features to stand out on this platform. Further, the social media integration that allows users to feature on the website adds a nice, personal touch to the website.

  • Fred Perry [Magento 2]

Fred Perry

If you are looking for minimalistic Magento website examples, then Fred Perry is the perfect match for your expectations. The Magento 2 websites are stripped down to the bare essentials where visitors can toggle between the store and the company’s brand heritage. Site visitors can access the catalog and collections in the grid and list view options.

Best Magento Automotive Sites

  • Jaguar [Magento 2]


Jaguar is one of the many premium luxury companies using Magento. The company’s tryst with Magento platforms started in 2016, during the release of Jaguar I-PACE. Nic. Christiansen Group (NCG) became the official retailer of this electric car model and created one of the best Magento websites. The intuitive layout displays a four-stage progress bar that guides the user through the purchase process.

  • Ford [Magento 1]


The automobile giant Ford uses the Magento e-commerce sites mainly for the sale of its accessories. The high degree of scalability offered by Magento websites is one of the primary reasons why the company has stuck to Magento platforms since 2012! Therefore, it is not only the best but also the oldest Magento website examples that are worth checking out.

  • Land Rover [Magento 1]

Land Rover

Land Rover is an automobile brand that needs no introduction. It is also one of the major companies using Magento. The company’s Magento 2 websites focus largely on speed, convenience, and accessibility. Users can pick between grid and list view for product viewing, add their favorites to the cart, and checkout within minutes.

Best Magento Cosmetics and Beauty Sites

  • Charlotte Tilbury [Magento 1]

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the best Magento website examples due to its feature-rich layout. The Magento websites recommend personalized content depending on the visitor’s shipping location. Additionally, the in-store appointment booking system is a nice touch of convenience in the mix.

  • Sigma Beauty [Magento 2]

Sigma Beauty

The Sigma Beauty Magento e-commerce sites have a stellar reputation in the UK, which is slowly spreading globally. The Magento 2 websites combine stunning designs with user-friendly features. Visitors can even ‘Shop the Look’ as endorsed by their favorite beauty influencers.

  • Adore Beauty [Magento 1]

Adore Beauty

One of the leading Australian companies using Magento, Adore Beauty, offers a Magento online store that is extremely popular. The compelling CTAs, attractive product display and quick load time make it one of the Magento website examples in terms of design and scalability.

  • Tangle Teezer [Magento 1]

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer offers an array of brushes and combs for all purposes. Users can even personalize or mix and match their purchases. Their Magento online store is as interesting as the product they offer. With a featured video on the homepage, interactive design, and user-generated content – it is hard not to stay hooked to the Tangle Teezer Magento websites.

  • Rodial Skincare [Magento 1]

Rodial Skincare

The luxury skincare brand, Rodial, is one of the companies using Magento. The homepage features social media buttons, clear catalogs, and clearly legible product information. Visitors can check out the customer reviews that are integrated with the product details. The sleek, modernistic does not compromise on the functionalities of the e-commerce store.

Best Magento B2B Sites

  • Everlast [Magento 2]


Everlast is one of the B2B companies using Magento to sell a variety of boxing and MMA products to other businesses. It has a classic layout, like many other Magento e-commerce sites. The user-generated content incorporated in the homepage is a great way to appeal to the customer’s emotions.

  • Nobel Biocare [Magento 1]

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is one of the leading B2B healthcare Magento e-commerce sites. The Magento websites have a minimalistic design with all the bells and whistles pruned out. It grants advanced filtering capacity to go through the product catalog.

  • Selco [Magento 1]


The Selco Magento platforms have a uniform font and color theme that is consistent across the pages. It is one of the best Magento website examples for when you want to deliver more in less. All the products on the Magento websites are neatly categorized for greater convenience and accessibility.

Best Magento Furniture and Home Decor Site

  • Made [Magento 2]


If you are looking for Magento website examples that strike the fine balance of product photography, design simplicity, and detailed product information, then Made is perfect for getting you started. The Magento 2 websites feature tools like ‘Sofasizer’ that allows users to visualize the product setting and pick the best fit.

  • Cox & Cox [Magento 2]

Cox & Cox

Amongst the many companies using Magento websites, Cox & Cox is a premium homeware store that operates Magento e-commerce sites. It offers a powerful navigation panel with robust filtering capabilities to sieve through products.

  • Tom Dixon [Magento 2]

Tom Dixon

The Magento e-commerce sites reflect the contemporary style of Tom Dixon. The compact layout allows for high-quality product photos and specifications on the Magento websites. The Tom Dixon TV offers a personalized insight into the people behind the business.

Concluding Thoughts

Considering how many small and large companies use Magento, it is one of the best platforms to get your business online. The above websites are excellent examples of Magento’s e-commerce sites. So draw inspiration from them and help your business flourish!

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