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July 21, 2015

It seems that we had to await since a very long time to get back with the child in us. Zestard Technologies Family Picnic held on 21st June 2015 for Vananchal Resort was a real fun we are still mesmerized with! & Finally, a long awaited photo album of our picnic is ready to enjoy… which certainly portrays splendid glimpse of freakish enjoyment as kids do. Click Here to view Picnic Photos

The pleasure of playing games  and puzzles at workplace is one thing we always enjoy in Birthday parties and occasional celebration in the Zestard office. But, this time the picnic filled up a real zest and happiness in all of the employees as all were invited with their spouses and kids as they are part of Zestard Family.

We started our picnic with colourful dress ups and cheerful hearts early morning around 6.30 in a bus from office and reached a Distant place Vananchal Resort, in Jambughoda, Panchmahal around 10.00am. We played ABCD, Card-Lotto, Number-chase, If-Then, Bingo-Tambola like interesting games which gave a chance to all the family members to jell up with each other. Surprising part of the bus journey was that everybody was having ebullience participation by dancing on each punishments and winners announcements for the games we played in the bus.

After reaching the beautiful resort of Vananchal, we enjoyed breakfast and rushed to the different Adventurous Activity Zones. Needless to mention, excitement of doing all those activities are still intact in our hearts. The thrill of excitement and fun was so overwhelmed and “Zorbing Balloon Fight” was craziest of all. We never thought we could enjoy this much in any office picnic, such games were a super fabulous start. Lunch time was enjoyable and post lunch Cricket tournament was real fun for the players but tiresome for some girls who sat as Audience only. Nevertheless, Badminton, gossip, roaming around in green and beautiful resort and relaxing with colleagues were equally great experiences. We played “Nimbu-Chamchi” – a crowd pleasure game after that. Swiftness & keenness of the players were incredible and shouting and cheering or cheating was a real fun to watch the game. Everyone was so energized & filled with enthusiasm that they had a childlike desire to win the game. Everybody enjoyed Zipline and Quad Biking and we took lots of pictures and videos throughout the day.

After some afternoon snacks, swimming pool of the resort was all filled up by all Zestard members, we had fun playing  Passing the Ball, Yoga-day Pranks, Diving Challenges and then we relaxed our toes in the water and after that … we were back to the bus and enjoyed some more games, songs, dancing, Housee again. Prize distribution for the games’ winners was the best part and it’s fun to receive souvenirs from Zestard for the picnic.

The Picnic  was a huge success, everyone proved that their work load can be easily embraced easily with Picnic or Team -outing. This was the most fun-time picnic many of us ever experienced so far. On the very next day to the picnic, we had a Picnic-Photo-Viewing event in the office, we all laughed again and again while watching photos and videos like a family. Everybody had great time suggesting constructive feedback and only unanimous suggestion was  “we should plan such picnics often and at least for 2 days! “.

And The Picnic Joy was relished & cherished with a final uproar of “Hip Hip Hurray!!!” 🙂

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