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9 Tips to Write an Impressive About Us Page in 2020

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Boni Satani

September 6, 2019

A website is an online identity for several brands and companies, and every organization has to obstruct the design process to create compelling content that stands tall in itself.

A robust “About Us” page is crucial to the success of inbound marketing strategy that you employ for your business. For an“About Us” page to stick, it is essential to focus on the unique identity of the company itself. The “About Us” page is an essential page for your website.

A remarkable “About Us” page includes all the elements of your marketing pitch that is factual and trust-worthy for your intended customers.

Why Should Every Site Features a Compelling “About Us” Page?

An About Us page is not a random page or just a link at the footer of a website that compiles some general facts about the company.

The About Us page is actually a goal-oriented and objective-oriented sales page that is subtle and convincing at the same time. It naturally focuses on the selling points of the brand and helps in creating a strong aura and maximum impression in the minds of the customers and clients.

The About Us page works as your company profile that gives a gist of your offerings, services, products, and the vision behind the company. Here’s how it helps:

  • Communicate the business story about the inception and growth.
  • Describe customers or demographics served by your business.
  • Explain your business engagement model
  • Feature the founders and team members.
  • Incorporate persuasive content with videos, infographics etc.

In short, the About Us page is your brand story, a place to introduce the business itself and a sales page that addresses intended client requirements and how your offerings can make a difference.

Top Tips For Creating an Effective “About Us” Page

1. Mention Your Company Vision, And Mission:

Convey the passion of your company objectives through the mission statement and share a sincere vision of the future that you see for the company. The story of your brand will get a proper meaning with the company vision and mission, letting your intentions shine through.

Prepare a professional write up while even incorporating humor in your writing. Do not prepare a formal, dull copy. Let the copy shine with your enthusiastic spirit directly.

It is important to be genuine and authentic in your approach here. Your sincerity and vulnerability needs to be a part of your About Us page since your customers and clients will find your human side there. The story of a business’s birth can move people to tears too.

Write the copy as if you are giving an individual pitch, not a message to many people. Every visitor who reads the About Us page needs to find a hand that encourages the relationship with the brand.

2. Use Facts Not Hype:

When writing the About Us page, do not repeat the content from your Home page, or write a historical summary of the company itself. Do not boast about the success you achieved and do not belittle other companies. Find the middle ground that helps you stay true to your brand identity while not embellishing the narrative by tooting your own horn. Offer a straightforward presentation along with statistics backing them up.

Explain the benefits of doing business with your company or the value given by your offering. Describe your capabilities and focus on the problem addressed by your product or service. Mention the historical milestones graphically or through bullets. Demonstrate the background of your company, and how you can offer an excellent solution to their needs.

3. Show Your Company Faces:

It is important to put the faces to the brand with real people who are at the helm of the company. By communicating company culture, one could introduce all the people who are actually driving the business with foresight and vision.

Highlight founders on the About Us page and how they helped together to build the company brand. A human story with human faces helps in establishing a strong connection with the intended market.

4. Write Your Brand Story:

Share anecdotes about your brand as succinctly as possible. The anecdotes humanize the brand like no other. The best writers communicate information by narrating stories that appeal to a larger audience base. Apply that technique to the writing of About Us page.

It is important to marry imagery with the narrative too, which borrows on the strength of the offerings and the story behind it. The entire brand story helps people who prefer such background with the offerings and thus get on the bandwagon too.

5. Seek to Inspire Trust:

Before the web, business transactions relied on physical face-to-face meetings. Every prospect was pitched with the benefits of the offerings by the salesperson or business owner with the pricing details, of course. The About Us page is the sales pitch of the web today, especially the one that works as an online substitute for an in-person meeting.

The About Us needs to be the most important page of the website wherein you can create a strong impression of the company in the best way possible. Communicate what’s special about the products or services, inspiring trust to reach for the prospect’s wallet.

6. Express Your Values:

Your About Us page should describe your identity in the best way possible. Define and present your values to explain what your company believes in or what the brand stands for. Write About us in a way that it is aligned with your brand’s goals.

Mention charitable components, especially humanitarian efforts if they are part of your company. Showcase your humanitarian efforts with reference to your company brand identity. Charitable efforts affect people’s emotions positively and help in the decision-making process too. Share your brand’s values and win the hearts right away!

7. Add Credentials, Certifications, Awards:

It is necessary to focus on credentials, reviews, certifications, press mentions, or third party user-generated content about your company or brand that puts you in the best light possible. Show how you are impacting customers or the industry efficiently.

Integrate social proof into the About Us page by showcasing positive customer content and by featuring logos of high-end and reputed periodicals, magazines, and news agencies on your social media channels. Highlight quotes that work as testimonials to the quality of your offerings.

8. Let Customers Know Where You Are:

To visitors, your website address is your identity. But use the mailing address on the Contact page and then people will believe your presence and can actually rely on your offerings. It is a simple ruse to get people to trust you, but not many businesses actually do it.

9. Keep Your About Us Page Updated Consistently:

Your About Us page should be updated on a regular basis and should essentially be a work in progress. Keep tweaking the matter as the company evolves. Develop the content dynamically to reflect on the evolving nature of the company, while also mentioning the address of your company presently.

If you target new markets or technologies or add new key people, change your About Us to suit those changes.

Break the section into smaller, readable sections if the details are too long. Do not rely on an old, outdated page to do its job of reflecting your company identity. Check and change what your page needs to feature and what it should not, through regular testing and assessments!

What Not to Put in the “About Us” Page

1. Do Not Use Hype to Promote:

Do not use hype as an approach for the About Us page. Instead, try to use that approach for social media channels. Try to build a rapport with the page and keep the language subtle yet direct. Do not claim to disrupt a technology or an industry but actually showcase statistics that it is actually doing so.

2. Sales Pitch:

Just as hyping up a brand does not work, the About Us page is not the primary page to sell products or services.

People who are reading the page might get interested in your offerings, but keep the focus right on the company story and its entity as a whole.


Don’t rely on boring facts all the time while making an About Us page. Get creative and feature the exciting personality of the company and its business along with the type of people behind it.

Showcase your brand based on its message and quality offerings. Get people to like it, and the trusting part will come later. With trust, all business is yours.

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Boni Satani

Boni Satani is the Co-Founder & Marketing Head at Zestard Technologies. With over 10+ years of experience in SEO, Boni has helped many national and international businesses increase their online visibility and reap high ROI. He frequently blogs for the Search Engine Journal and YourStory. You can find Boni on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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