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Zestard is now Shopify Partner

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Anuj Dalal

April 29, 2015

Glad to Announce Zestard’s Recent Achievement- “We are Now Shopify Partner”!

Being so, we have in-depth knowledge of the Shopify Hosted Solution for eCommerce. In addition, we have faster access to the latest tools in all Ecommerce Migration and Development techniques for Shopify.

Shopify Partnership also ensures our clients for our stronghold on integration, marketing, design and development of various solutions based on Shopify.

Our Shopify experts are well versed for Shopify Web stores Design and Development. In fact, we work to make your web store vision a quick launch and a worthwhile experience. Let our experts help you develop an e-commerce store in Shopify to achieve your ultimate goal for your online hosted Ecommerce solution with Shopify.

Click here to know more on Zestard’s Shopify Development Services.

Let us know your ideas and dreams for your Ecommerce Business, and we have the skills to make them look incredible online.

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Anuj Dalal

A visionary founder and CEO, Anuj Dalal is an IT engineer, systems architect and technology executive with over 15+ years of expertise leading technology teams and building enterprise e-commerce systems. His leadership and approach to e-commerce technology has delivered successful e-commerce solutions - generating billions of dollars in revenue. You can find Anuj on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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