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mmmmm… Potluck Party at Zestard

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Tiksha Dalal

August 24, 2015

Zestard-Family-Picnic After a great success and fun-filled months of June & July, we are celebrating August month as a month of Freedom and Month of Holidays. What can be a better than an Idea of “Potluck – Bring and Share at Zestard”?; Series of holidays in the month, Lots of new Teammates Welcome Occasion and a sacred month of Shravan are some simple excuses to let us celebrate “Potluck – Bring and Share at Zestard” on Friday, 21st August’15.

We indeed worked out on Planning of Potluck like a Systematic Project. Where everybody filled in a Spreadsheet of “What to Bring”… It was fun discussing what should be brought and made by oneself for the whole week- it was more like a Fun-food week for us. Infact, at Zestard, we believe, holding regularly scheduled Team-potluck meals is one strategy that you can use to enhance the sense of camaraderie and cooperation in your organization. Click Here to know more about our Potluck Party Menu, Interesting delicacies brought by Teammates and Party Photographs.

Although, it wasn’t a “Criteria/Goal Centric Event” at all for Zestard’s Management Team. But, while writing this article, I could easily notice some of the benefits of this event as a management person. Infact, we felt a new air on this Friday, as this Potluck helped us in following ways for Zestard’s Work Culture Development:

  • Social Interaction: New members of Zestard Family got chance to actually jell up and interact with each other in a casual, relaxed setting where the focus isn’t on getting through a meeting agenda or completing a project. This means they’ll be able to get to know each other a little better while sharing a good meal; we are sure this will result in something that can contribute to enhanced working relationships and teamwork ultimately.
  • Shared Experiences: Shared experiences can go a long way toward building a strong organizational identity, becoming part of the overall culture and the stories people tell when discussing and reflecting on their experiences as employees. This can lead to enhanced cohesiveness. We still remember our HOUSIE  jokes and hard attempts of one of the teammates to win the game at the Zestard-Family-Picnic. I’m sure we will discuss experiences of Potluck party at our homes and together at the office again and again…
  • Individual Contributions: Some proposed to bring Biscuits and Maggie or even Bread and Butter at the initial plan-time. But, The Best part is, whether you are a good cook or not, everyone could participate, at whatever level each person is comfortable with. Team Mates who are passionate about cooking can share their recipes and receive praise for their great-tasting signature dishes. Those who aren’t cooking enthusiasts can still participate with beverages, purchased food items or quickly made convenience foods.

And above all, this kind of staff get-to-gathers don’t cost money or time because the food is homemade and everyone takes a break for our regular lunch anyway. 😉

We learnt that diversity of Food, Language, Religion, Taste and choices are so…so…easy to deal with at Zestard, you just need to have the willingness to put all of them in one plate, try once, and I’m sure you will remember each individual serving and finger-licking experience for the lifetime…

I’m sure next time we plan Potluck… all our Zestard teammates will say… Mmmmm…. Potluck Party?… Sure…

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