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Boni Satani

Boni Satani

March 25, 2020

If you are aiming to increase the online reach of your business, you need to adopt the best content marketing strategy.

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It has been always said that “Content Is King” and with this fact, people are becoming more serious towards the content creation and promotion part.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a kind of marketing that puts all its focus on the creation, publication and distribution part of the content to the targeted audience. Usually, the use of content marketing is made by business people for the following reasons:

  • Attracting target audiences
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing brand awareness & credibility
  • Engaging an online community

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Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing can provide immense benefits to your business. Below are some top benefits:

  1. Drive Conversions

    It has been observed that companies who are well-prepared before running the content marketing process have 6 times higher conversion rates as compared to the competitors who don’t focus on the content marketing strategy. A strong content marketing requires quality time and resources to drive conversions.

  2. Boost Brand Visibility

    With a well-researched content marketing strategy, you can directly boost the brand visibility of your business.

    Doing so, your brand may come across people who are genuinely looking for a solution to their problem.

  3. Improved SEO

    Gone were the days when keyword stuffing was one of the ways to rank higher on the search engine results page. Now, Google has updated its algorithm and shows only highly relevant and who fill user search intent content.

    If you are consistently producing quality content, then you are increasing the chances of ranking high on the SERP. You can benefit through content marketing by improving the SEO and hence online visibility of your website.

Why Choose Zestard?

Zestard Technologies has a huge experience in the field of Content Marketing.

In fact, we are consistently ranked as a Best Content Marketing Agencies in India by Clutch.

Best Content Marketing Agencies in India

Our content marketing team is highly talented and trained with the latest technologies to serve you the best.

Final Thoughts

Living in a technology-based era, it is important to walk with current trends. At Zestard, you will get the right assistance that will help your business to shine globally.

Boni Satani

About Boni Satani

Boni Satani is the head of marketing at Zestard Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With over 8+ years of experience in SEO, Boni has helped many national and international businesses increase their online visibility and reap high ROI. He frequently blogs for the Search Engine Journal and YourStory. You can find Boni on Twitter and Linkedin.


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