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How to Prepare for WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019?

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Anuj Dalal

December 10, 2019

WordPress developers, bloggers, site owners, eCommerce & Digital marketers – brace yourself, the most important WordPress event, WordCamp Ahmedabad is here.

WordCamp – Overview

Everyone who has been in this sphere is well acquainted with the term “WordCamp” but for all the newbies, this is something fun and unique.

WordPress community arranges city-level conferences across the globe called WordCamp.

One of the best parts of these camps is that they are open for everyone and they see the top and emerging international and local speakers.

The agenda is to encompass multiple topics related to WordPress platform that could benefit a student, developer, a project manager, a tech expert, entrepreneur, blogger or digital marketer.

7 Tips to Prepare for WordCamp:

  • 1. Topics and Schedule

    You surely don’t want to miss out on important sessions or schedules that are lined up, right?

  • Make sure to check the website before the camp so that you are well prepared.

  • This would help you to know the schedule of the upcoming sessions and discussion topics through which you can decide which speaker’s program you would want to attend.

  • All the details are added on the website in advance along with the session.

  • You can check the full schedule from here.
  • 2. What to Carry?

    Make sure you carry your fully charged mobile phones and power banks since it’s a full day event. Additionally, since winter is coming it is preferable to carry woolen clothes that will keep you comfortable.

    A diary and pen will be the best during such camps to note down key points from some of the best speakers.

  • 3. Network & Get Social with #WCAhmedabad

    It’s time to become social with the new people you meet at WordCamp too. Pick their brains and ask your questions with the new trends as well as the upcoming future of WordPress and other technologies.

    Explore several topics that could be relevant for discussions during the event so that you are in the know. Also, make your social media profile professional enough to help you connect with different people.

    Use the hashtag #WCAhmedabad to tweet and share topics and discussions online. The tag will help you establish your presence in the circle while promoting the event itself in the minds of other professionals. Starting out engagements with these tags will go a long way too.

  • Also, check out sponsors for the event and the primary services offered by the companies. By studying about these companies, one can chart one’s own progress in the domain. Learn more about their founders and owners, along with their vision when they started their company. Follow them on social media channels to be in the know of what they are doing. Engage with them and later during the event to check out job openings, if any.
  • Grab goodies & share pictures!
  • 4. Lodging and Internet

    Make sure you have your lodging sorted a few days before the event. Like you, there are many participants (800+) coming to attend the camp so the accommodation may almost be fully occupied.

    Also, internet connectivity is really important. Usually, these camps have wifi services but always better to be well prepared than regretting it at the end.

  • 5. Attend After Party

    WordCamps have an after party schedule on the eve of 14th December. One can let their hair down, and attend these themed parties with enthusiasm. Relax and chill and meet with new people who are probably on the same wavelength as you. The access to the After Party is free along with complimentary dinner for all attendees.

    If you wanna know, take a peek into last year’s Royal theme afterparty. Doesn’t it look fun and crazy? This time around, go entirely musical with the “Code-is-poetry” theme this year, and play some new notes, while you’re at it!

    • Is This Your First Visit?

      Those butterflies in the stomach are just normal since this would be your first visit. But just like you, there would be many first-time attendees at the camp. You can always interact and make new friends and grow your network at the WordCamp. The best way to share and exchange knowledge at these events is to be open with the people.

    • Become a Volunteer

      By becoming a volunteer for WordCamp, you get to know the insider’s perspective of the domain, the companies, and also know more about the aims and objectives of the event. Every volunteer gets to learn new things about the domain, technology, its applications, and even gets first-hand meetings with the who’s who in town.

  • 6. How to Reach The Venue

    The Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Hall, the venue for WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 has huge facilities for accommodation with relaxing seats to attend seminars and conferences. 

    Situated near the prime location near Rajpath Club, it boasts the best facilities for lights and sounds along with a huge dining space for participants and attendees.

    Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium is located at the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Road where you can easily reach via a public transport system.

    • Nearest Airport – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
    • Distance from Airport – 17.8 KM
    • Nearest Railway Station – Kalupur Railway Station, Ahmedabad
    • Distance from the railway station – 11.5 KM
    • Nearest Bus Station – Nehrunagar bus station
    • Distance from Nehrunagar – 4.2 KM
  • 7. Follow Code of Conduct

    The code of conduct is essential part of every WordCamp to ensure safety of the attendees. Each and every attendee should strictly follow the code of conduct so that organizers can peacefully concentrate of making the event successful. If you want to check out, you can always go through the details mentioned in them.

    In case of doubts and queries, you can reach them directly by email or Twitter

    Hope you have an amazing WordCamp event!


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Anuj Dalal

A visionary founder and CEO, Anuj Dalal is an IT engineer, systems architect and technology executive with over 15+ years of expertise leading technology teams and building enterprise e-commerce systems. His leadership and approach to e-commerce technology has delivered successful e-commerce solutions - generating billions of dollars in revenue. You can find Anuj on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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