WordCamp Ahmedabad ’19 – A Rousing Success!

Ritesh Vatwani

Ritesh Vatwani

December 31, 2019

WordCamp Ahmedabad was a people-sponsored event in the city geared to be about WordPress only.

WCAhmedabad – the voluntary organized local event tech conference brought Ahmedabad’s vibrant WordPress community all at one place – students, developers, experts, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketers – the event benefiting every WordPress enthusiast.

From Left to Right – Boni, Ishita, Komal, Viral, Vidhi, Jaimin, Anuj, Ritesh, Mehul, Dheeraj

The two-day event, WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 was on 14th & 15th December 2019 at the Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay hall, Ahmedabad.

Zestard Technologies was one of the Gold Sponsors of the event along with a host of other companies. We apprised every attendee of the event with a to-do-list and how to prepare for the event.

We also had 4 kinds of collectibles as “swags” for the event, coupled with an opportunity for attendees to win an exclusive Mi Band!

Day 1Sessions, Networking & Fun

The event started with a short breakfast at 8-30 am.

Imran Sayed was the first speaker at the event on the topic – Progressive Web App for WordPress that enlisted the importance of combining Progressive Web Apps with WordPress and benefit from both platforms.

He also shared some handy tips to transform websites into PWAs that are sure to aid every WordPress exponent at the event.

The next expert on stage, Arpit Vishwakarma enlisted the benefits of AMP, along with the plethora of stories, and site kit by Google.

He presented a number of immersive examples of the format along with the huge benefit of incredible page load time that enhanced user experience to a bigger degree.

Arpit stressed on the role of measurement tools and insights that would impact user retention positively in the coming times.

Stephen Tredrea gave a short and insightful talk on “Themeless WordPress’ at 11:30 am, as he shared theme builder examples with supported plugins. He also presented the future of WordPress without themes and the changes involved in the entire approach.

Zestard’s team also engaged with developers and speakers, hailing from different companies, sharing insights, tidbits, and progressive nuances of working with WordPress.

After the afternoon break, Zestard’s team attended Arun Bansal’s talk on workflow automation with WordPress at 4:30 pm, which included a presentation on the need for automation, the relevant tools and solutions.

Rahul D Sarker then talked about a lead generation to make the most of service-based businesses with WordPress while Amit Gupta cited the emergence of WordPress for enterprises and the varied attributes that have helped the platform grow faster than ever.

Ankit Sheth, on the other hand, presented a brilliant exposition on the rise of voice commerce from e-commerce and how WordPress is making an impact in the new domain.

Nirav Mehta had a brilliant session on the sectors of education and entertainment with the industry objectives for each of them. He also talked about goal-setting and chasing dreams that inspired one and all.

After the event closure at 5:30 pm with closing remarks. Our team then attended the After Party by the Satva group at Vastrapur Amphitheater that included live music and scintillating dance floor for all attendees, followed by delicious dinner.

Zestard welcomed more than 500 visitors to its booth, each loaded with the “Zestopus” swags. We also organized a lucky draw wherein everyone was required to fill out a form and enter it directly. The winners were announced at the end of the day – Rahul Prajapati and Pushpanshu – were the lucky two who won Mi Bands as part of the draw!

Day 2 – Contribution Day

The second day was the contributor’s day and rounded up a well-organized community event.

A Roundup of the Third Edition of WordCamp Ahmedabad – In Numbers!

  • Last WordCamp of the year in India
  • 850+ Attendees, 40+ Sponsors, and 11 informative sessions
  • 125+ Attendees on contributor’s day.
  • WCAhmedabad trending hashtag
  • 3000+ Twitter conversations, 5000+ engagements and 8,00,000+ tweet potential reach
Our CEO, Anuj Dalal, receiving a special memento from Mr. Parth Pandya

We would like to thank our volunteers and the organizers to work tirelessly in making this event a grand success. Every element of the event was organized with proper planning and executed perfectly.

We are sure the visitors too had a ball of a time, having enriched themselves with the trends of the technology along with the offerings of several contemporary companies under one canopy.

Here’s wishing the best of luck for the future for everyone involved with WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019!

Ritesh Vatwani

About Ritesh Vatwani

Ritesh Vatwani is Head of Operations at Zestard Technologies Pvt Ltd. Working from the last 8 years on Open Source platforms, he now leads a team of CMS and JavaScript (Angular & React), developers. He is well-versed with agile and waterfall methodologies. His vision is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of operations to accelerate development. You can find Ritesh on Linkedin and Twitter.


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