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SAAS Content Marketing Case Study – How We Increased 250K Organic Visitors in 12 Months

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Boni Satani

November 8, 2022
SAAS Content Marketing Case Study

We will give you a glimpse of exactly how we scaled the organic traffic of a SAAS-based website by publishing new content. The organic traffic of newly published articles went from 0 to 250K per month in the span of 12 months through content marketing activity.

250K Organic Visitors in 12 Months
Data Studio Report

About the Client

Our client owns a cloud-based invoicing and accounting software company specifically suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The client’s software provides features such as invoices, double-entry accounting, expense and receipts tracking, payments,  time tracking, and many more.

Though the client’s website already had a good amount of traffic, the client was keen on scaling up the business. The primary goal of the client was to create awareness among small and medium-sized businesses by providing solutions related to accounting, invoicing, and many other features.

Promoting the software was also a major concern for the client. Converting customers from trials to upgrades was a challenging task. So far, we have published over 1100 articles on the client’s website in the span of 12 months for boosting the website’s traffic and conversions.

We have decided to keep the name of the client confidential, as it was a complete white-label content marketing engagement.

Our Approach

  • Conducted Content Gap Analysis
  • We started with the competitor analysis in the client’s industry to identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses compared to their competitors. Later, we conducted an extensive content gap analysis market-wise (US, UK, AU, ZA, and CA) around product features to identify the topics that are missing on the client’s website.

    After figuring out the relevant content topics (keywords) that were covered by the client’s competitors but missed out by the client, we also identified what was new and trending in the market related to invoicing, accounting, and other features.

  • Prepared Content Briefs and Articles (1100+)
  • We specifically reviewed the top 10 ranking articles in the client’s niche in the Google SERP. Taking into account the competitor’s high-ranking articles, we decided to prepare better content for our client’s website. 

    First, we created content briefs for the discovered content topics (keywords). Some content briefs were created manually, while some were created with the help of tools like Frase.io and Surfer SEO. We created a proper blog structure in the content briefs from an SEO perspective. 

    We further prepared a content brief checklist which consisted of all the things that were required in the content such as the word count, headings and subheadings, entities, and FAQs.  With the help of writers, we prepared content for all the 1100+ content briefs that were prepared.

  • Reviewed the Content
  • Once the content was ready, our next step was to review the content that was prepared. We ensured that the content was prepared according to the structure that was provided in the content brief, and also suggested changes wherever required. 

    Our main focus was to maintain the quality of the content. We checked the content score using the Frase.io tool and the readability score of the content using the Hemingway tool. We also inserted internal links directing to the money-making web pages into all the content. This was done to drive more traffic and conversions to the client’s website.

  • Published and Monitored the Content
  • We gradually published over 1100 articles on the client’s website. During this process, we also inserted the blog CTAs and images into all the live articles. 

    After completing the process of publishing the content, we monitored the performance of all the published articles by creating a Data Studio Dashboard. We also tracked the rankings of the keywords using STAT from Moz. Apart from this, we updated the XML Sitemap and ensured that the pages were indexed on Google.

    Final Thoughts

    After implementing the above-mentioned content marketing strategy and overcoming the challenges, the client’s website is now seeing a continuous boost in organic visibility and conversions.

    Impressed, aren’t you?

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    Boni Satani

    Boni Satani is the Co-Founder & Marketing Head at Zestard Technologies. With over 10+ years of experience in SEO, Boni has helped many national and international businesses increase their online visibility and reap high ROI. He frequently blogs for the Search Engine Journal and YourStory. You can find Boni on Twitter and LinkedIn.